“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I had another wonderful visit to your stores last Sunday.  While I love the unique and beautiful merchandise you carry in both stores, what really makes the experience magical is your employees. Once again I had the opportunity to see Valerie in the uptown store and she was fantastic, friendly and helpful just as she had been the first time I visited.  Then I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy in the other store and she went out of her way to make it an enjoyable visit. I have to say that in both stores you cannot help but feel special and I felt like I was getting the royal treatment. I am thoroughly impressed with your first class operation and I could not miss this opportunity to tell you that.”

— From Sandy Bernat, Phoenix, AZ


“I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your store and how brilliant it is. First of all, you have very hip, cool clothing for ALL AGES… not just kids. ( I am 58…FYI ) Secondly, the women who work there are wonderful! Just the right amount helpful…not pushy, but there when you need them.  My first day there I interacted with Emma, who was delightful!  It is very unusual, in my experience, when young women actually pay attention to women my age!  I told her I was just doing recon surveying and she was totally engaging about what I was looking at without being hovering or annoying.  I promised I would be back. My second trip, I met Rita, who was also very helpful. When I didn’t have my girlfriend there for an honest opinion, I asked Rita. She was honest in a tactful way… and never pushy.  I ended up spending over $600 on clothes that I love and I know I will wear a lot. I don’t know if your sales help works on commission. I felt bad because Emma was there when I returned the second time and made my purchases…and she remembered me, and engaged in the same friendly way as the first time!  If and when I return to Sedona, I will definitely return to your store..  Absolutely first rate!  Thank you very much, and congratulations…

P.S. I forgot to mention how quickly the store retrieved  another size in
an item I was looking at… and ended up buying!”

—From Susan of Berwyn, PA


“Hi Tracy,
It’s Beth, your grateful customer who was in last week, and outfitted with some spectacular clothes by you!  I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve already gotten!  I’ve worn 3 outfits, and felt so beautiful as well as comfortable.  People keep noticing and commenting.. it’s great!  My shopping experience was so very fun as well as informative.  You are a great gal to work with, and now, a new friend!  I had a fashion show for my husband, Joe when he got home from his meetings, and he loved everything!  In fact, he was thrilled with your choices!
Thanks Tracey!”

—From Beth Anderson of Portland, OR


“Hello, I have been to Sedona several times in the past few years, and each time I look forward to coming to Dahling It’s You.  You always have a great selection of interesting and creative clothing, but to be honest, the most important draw for me is your staff.  They are FANTASTIC!  They are extremely helpful, but even more important, they are friendly, fun, lively and very engaged with each other and their customers.  Your downtown store is my favorite, but that is only because at the other location I’ve only ever visited when there is one staff member working, so all the staff back and forth and playing off each other that goes on downtown is not possible.  In all the places I’ve travelled I’ve never come across a clothing store I enjoy as much as yours, and it is your staff that makes the difference.  Keep up the GREAT work!”
—From Carol Plato from B.C. Canada



“This is my first time visiting this part of Arizona. While on vacation, I’ve enjoyed the beautiful landmarks and experiencing fun activities like the helicopter tour, Slide Rock, Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam Float Trip, etc. However, “Dahling It’s You Boutique” has been one of my favorite memories so far!

I had a wonderful experience! On Thursday, June 21st I had been shopping all day with my mom. At first I came into “Dahling It’s You” tired. However, Janis quickly came to my assistance and helped me start a collection in the dressing room. She had a great personality and sense of style. She spent time helping me find items that were just right for me. She helped me create several unique outfits and color combinations. I had so much fun trying on different options. Valerie also came to help take HD pictures on Janis’ Iphone and offer her opinions about the clothes.

After spending over an hour shopping and trying on a variety of options, I went to dinner and they held the items until I came back. Later that evening, I had a difficult time selecting which items to purchase because I loved all of them. Janis and Valerie both made my shopping experience one I will always remember. They were both very nice and extremely helpful. Not only am I happy with my purchase, but I am also extremely happy with the customer service. I will be sure this is not the last time I visit this store or website!

Thank you “Dahling It’s You Boutique” for providing such a wonderful experience!
Best wishes,
—From Cara on a Sedona Vacation

“Dear “Dahling It’s You” :  I just wanted to let you know of the wonderful experience I recently had while visiting your shop in Sedona.  I was visiting the area last week with my twin 15 year-old daughters when we wandered into your store after taking a jeep tour of the canyon. Janis helped us play dress up and was just so patient and kind with my daughters.  We didn’t feel pressured or rushed at all.   We had such fun and the girls walked out with 3 different dresses.  Thank you for hiring such wonderful people like Janis (all of the employees were great and got in on our dress up fun).  Your people really make the store along with the great merchandise and  spot on prices. Thanks again and we look forward to coming back someday!  Regards, Sharlene ” Charlie” Campano”

—From Sharlene on a Girls Day Out


“This boutique has transformed my wife into the hippist, most beautiful woman in the world. Of course she has always been drop dead gorgeous, but never thought to step out into the fantastic designs that are “Darlin It’s You” We hit both of the boutiques in Sedona and were greeted by the friendliest people ever! It wasn’t shopping, it was watching my baby shine with the help of Janis and the owner Tosho. We will be back. Thank you for my new wife! She rocks “Dahling” !!!”


—From Jeffrey from Louisiana


“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love coming back to your stores every chance I get.  I live in Los Angeles and we try to visit Sedona at least once a year since 2009.  I look forward to my annual trip to stock pile clothes for the year.  I always get compliments asking where I got my outfits, purses, and jewelry.
I was just in Monday, January 20th with Rita and Janis.  I think I was there for over 2 hours!  Every time I enter your store, I feel at home with family.  They are genuinely interested in making me feel comfortable and styling me.  Clothes I would never have thought to try on they bring in and I end up buying almost everything they bring in.  The clothes, the accessories you choose for your stores are exquisite.  They are different, unique and they make me feel comfortable in my own skin.
Janis was helpful with one arm, helping me adjust dresses and blouses and I got to know her and we found we had a lot in common. Rita was a hoot and made me laugh so much.  She found jewelry for each outfit.  They truly made me feel special and when I was nervous about the Miss Me jeans, Janis said, let’s try them on so I can see what fits your body.  I didn’t worry about the size # because she picked out pieces that would accentuate my body.
Thank you to the owners of Dahling because you make it a great environment for your Dahlings which makes it a great styling boutique for guests to come from all over the world.  Neelam –  in 2011 I bought 2 purses and you kept saying, they are going to be in style in a year and you’ll be wearing it before everyone else.  You are so right!”


– Janice Dollar – Forever a Dahling Life Member


“What a GREAT Ladies Boutique in Sedona, AZ … Discovered it a few years ago. When ever I am in the area, it is a MUST See. I always walk out with something. LOVE to shop for all my girlie things here.  See ya all soon… “

—From Becci in Phoenix, AZ


” My friend and I were in Sedona a week ago today; she is back in Phoenix and I have returned to Tampa. I just wanted to let you know that we spent much time in your boutique “Dahling It’s You” and were so impressed with Janis, whose perky personality helps create a positive energy that definitely is an asset to your boutique.

Although we did not purchase anything the first night, we left feeling as if we had just found a store that we would definitely revisit. I had tried several coats but the one I wanted did not fit, so Janis told us about your second boutique on State Route 89, and the next morning we were there right as it opened. I was graciously assisted by a lovely lady from Belgium and purchased a coat that will probably be one of my favorites; already I have received many compliments. Then we returned to your other store and Janis and Rita spend a great deal of time helping my friend find a dress. They were so gracious, patient, and helpful and did not pressure her to purchase anything unless she felt comfortable wearing it.

The three sales personnel with whom we came in contact (Janis, Rita, and the lady from Belgium) are very special, and I just wanted you to know they helped make our visit to “Dahling It’s You” a treat. I just wanted you to know that next year when I return to Sedona your boutique will be one of the first places I visit.

Tamora K. Biandudi”

—From Tamora in Florida


“Thanks for our visit to your store… We were into your store on 20Jan12 – my friend Verl & I (Marilyn) and loved your store and staff. We were served by Rita and loved her and all the rest of your staff. Never have we been in a store where we were so well served and treated. In fact, anyone who goes to Sedona is being told to go into your store. You are awesome – Thanks again for the experience.”

—From Marylin in Canada


“Great Store and salespeople are so helpful. I bought a vest that you can wear many ways…excuse me, my daughter-in-law LaVone bought it for me. Sadona is remarkable.”

—From Verna in New York



On Tuesday my sister Cindy and I visited Dahling It’s You. I purchased a lovely pair of heels, a ring for my daughter and a vest/shell combo. I’m very happy with my purchases as is my sister with what she purchased. Carrie helped us and I want to tell you what an asset she is to your team.

These days it’s difficult to find unique clothing and accessories; most stores are chains and have the same/similar items for sale. Your boutique is a wonderful and welcome exception! I checked out your on-line presence and am impressed with it as well.

I am a writer and blogger. Perhaps you’d like to see what I’ve written about your boutique: http://adventuresofamiddleagemom.com/2011/11/23/boutique-shopping-in-sedona-az-dahling-its-you/

Warm Regards,
Darlene, Adventures of a Middle Age Mom”


“Thanks for our visit to your store… We were into your store on 20Jan12 – my friend Verl & I (Marilyn) and loved your store and staff. We were served by Rita and loved her and all the rest of your staff. Never have we been in a store where we were so well served and treated. In fact, anyone who goes to Sedona is being told to go into your store. You are awesome – Thanks again for the experience.”

—From Marylin in Canada


“Kimberly and all,

I thought about you guys this morning while talking to Laura on the phone. She was getting ready for a wedding reception later this afternoon with some of the great outfits we got from you this past Labor Day weekend. It was great fun to shop that day as we celebrated out 30 year anniversary. We hope to take another trip out your way again sometime. We still think it would be great for you guys to serve a bit of wine while we shoppers have a little too much fun. My daughters really enjoyed hearing the story of our shopping trip. Maybe they will want to return with us some day.

I will send a picture of Laura an I tomorrow to help you recall those crazy Texans that visited this summer.

Best Wishes, and hope to return soon.
—Taylor and Laura”


“This is now my most favorite shops in Sedona! Went to the Uptown location….GREAT Customer Service! Janis not only made me and my aunt feel welcomed she went over and above in assisting us in shoe choices…She had an exceptional personality!! Prices were very reasonable for the excellent choices in Jewelry, Clothes, Purses or Shoes! LOVE the unique selection they have. This for sure will be on my MUST go to places next time I am in Sedona!!!”

—From Georgene in AZ


“Hello Rita and Tracy,

I just wanted to take a quick minutes and say thank you again. I had come to Sedona on my own for a much needed Mommy-cation. I stopped in your store looking for something cute and came away knowing what my style is. I can’t believe how beautiful I feel in the clothes Tracy helped me find. And Rita, I am still “shocked and awed” that you gave me that extra shirt.

For me, this was much more than a shopping trip. Tracy, you said little things the whole time I was there that boosted my much-hurting self confidence. I know its a job and a business, but you didn’t have to help me feel better about myself. You didn’t have to give me the boost and hug I so needed. You just did because I believe that’s the kind of person you are. And it seems as though Rita is the same way.

So, thank you. Thank you for lifting my spirits and taking the time to care. Thank you for helping me feel beautiful in my own skin — which is now covered with gorgeous clothes. My little trip to your store turned out to be a God-send.

Kathy Penrod”

—From Kathy in AZ


“I really enjoyed meeting you all today…LOVE your ‘downtown’ Sedona boutique and can’t wait to wear my new bling belt and bag!”

—From Maureen in Prescott Valley, AZ


“The teal fringe bag I got there in May has been such a hit this summer! It has a life of its own and I just love it- several of my friends have even ordered bags from you ladies since then- and I can’t wait to find a fun new bag for fall.  I will be seeing you soon! Cheers dahl ♥”
—From Roxie in Colorado


“Shopped at the store in March … had the best time … clothes were great, sales staff was great and that made the customers great …. will return on next visit!”

—From Berni in Texas


“My wife and her friend can’t get over the wonderful experience they had here. In a town of so many “snooty” sales people, the ladies at Dahling were fun, helpful, honest, knowledgeable and spoiled the ladies rotten. For two voluptuous women, this was a rare experience. And the clothes look great on them. They’ll be back for more before we leave Sedona. Many thanks!”
—From William in Ohio


  Telephone: 928.282.1003

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